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What is METX?

  • METX is an interdisciplinary class. It is short for Media, Entertainment and Technology Experience.

  • Students from Computer Animation and Game Development, Journalism and Public Relations, and Media Arts, Design, and Technology used their skills to create professional content for Lundberg Family Farms.

  • Projects completed for Lundberg Family Farms include a virtual reality experience, two promotional videos and a 360-degree video.

  • This real-life client experience allowed METX students to gain hands-on experience with professional industry equipment and helped them to learn how to work effectively with a client.

Fun facts about the Lundberg collaboration:


Tech Tools Used
in the creation of Lundberg projects


Hours Worked
by faculty and students on Lundberg projects


Rice Cakes Eaten
during "research" for Lundberg projects

Spring 2019 Projects

METX is a multidisciplinary collaboration at Chico State that focuses on the application of emerging technologies for media and entertainment. In just one semester our student team built four multimedia products, all focusing on Lundberg Family Farms' commitment to sustainability at its Snacks Facility in Richvale, California.

Zachary Sullivan tests out VR headset.

Lundberg VR Team

Take a look at the work the METX VR team produced.

Video team shoots at Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Video Team

Take a look at the work the METX video team produced.

Three Departments, Two Colleges, One Team

METX is an interdisciplinary program at Chico State that includes majors from:

Computer Animation & Game Development

CAGD students recreated the Lundberg Family Farms facility in a virtual reality experience. They had a team of modelers who created computer generated replicas of all the equipment on location to scale, animators who mimicked all movement in the experience through hours of research and coders who made the virtual world accessible via the VR headset.

Journalism & Public Relations

J&PR students formed the METX Brand Team, which was responsible for capturing photo and video of who we are as a group of students and faculty developing immersive storytelling projects for Lundberg. J&PR focused on writing the story arc for Lundberg Family Farms, pop-up content and motion graphics. This can be seen in the virtual reality video and even the content you are reading right now!

Media Arts, Design & Technology

MADT students came together to film and edit two promotional videos and a 360-degree video of the property and facilities of Lundberg Family Farms. The students worked with Lundberg family members and employees to capture their history and commitment to sustainability from their fields through their rice cake manufacturing.

The Team

Meet the team! This semester at METX, we put our strengths together to create something magical. Our team has worked hard to create professional work for our client, Lundberg Family Farms.

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Marisa Bearden

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Sarah Broach

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Nicole Camarda

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James Caspary

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JOUR Instructor

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CAGD Instructor

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