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About Us

The Media, Entertainment and Technology Experience is an interdisciplinary collaboration spanning two colleges and three academic programs: Computer Animation and Game Development, Journalism and Public Relations, and Media Arts, Design, and Technology. 

The goal of METX is to allow students to work in interdisciplinary teams, just as they will in their professional careers while getting hands-on experience with industry hardware, software and processes. METX offers two classes:

  • METX 358 Emerging Technologies for Media & Entertainment
  • This introductory course explores a variety of emerging technologies and analyzes how majors brands use these tools to create immersive content. Students create their own immersive story by working in interdisciplinary teams, filming in 360-degree video and publishing content for viewing in a virtual reality headset.
  • METX 458 Applied Emerging Technologies for Media & Entertainment
  • In this advanced course, students work directly with a client to solve communication challenges through the use of emerging technologies. METX students collaborate to create immersive stories in virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree video and other creative formats.


To learn more about the program and see behind-the-scenes footage, view the video below.


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  • Daniel Cahill
  • Daniel Cahill is a lecturer at Chico State University within the CAGD program. He has been a working professional in the film and VFX industry for over a decade. Daniel’s expertise in 3D scanning and VFX technology has been used in notable films and television shows including: Matrix 4, it, Power Rangers, Jumanji, Death Note, Tom and Jerry, Prison Break, and The Flash. Daniel’s goal teaching VFX is to show students the flexibility and positive impact 3D modeling technology can have on our daily lives through 3D scanning and digitization.

  • Debra Johnson
  • Debra Johnson is a professional-in-residence in the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. As the METX project coordinator she’s responsible for managing client relationships and promoting the collaboration. She guides the branding team and helps students develop skills in storytelling and project management. She teaches courses in entrepreneurial journalism, design and strategic writing, PR research and measurement, and manages internships. She has a master’s degree in public communication and bachelor’s in international relations from Chico State.


  • Frank Pereira
  • Frank Pereira has been active in the program since before its official launch. Frank's teaching mission is to broaden the student's knowledge of 3D and to foster new possibilities for their creativity. He wants students to graduate with the skills needed to succeed in this ever-growing field. Frank Pereira teaches a variety of upper-division courses in the CAGD program such as CGI Production, Senior Portfolio, Character Rigging, Digital Lighting and Texturing, 3D Character Modeling, and Motion Capture. Over the summer, Frank also teaches a creature creation workshop for the CSU Summer Arts program.

  • Jeff Underwood
  • Jeff Underwood is a lecturer in CAGD Program with a background in video game design, video game production and programming. He is a Chico State graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Upon graduating, Jeff co-founded a game studio, where he continues to function as chief technical officer and executive producer, and has published seven games onto the Steam game platform. He maintains a wide variety of skills and a deep understanding of game studio pipelines, workflows, and a depth of knowledge of the gaming industry that he extends to his students. LinkedIn

  • Jennifer Meadows
  • Jennifer Meadows is the chair of the Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department and a professor at Chico State. She is one of the initial organizers of the METX collaboration and has co-taught five emerging technology classes. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and is the co-editor of Communication Technology Update & Fundamentals, now in its 17th edition. Her teaching and research integrate practical and theoretical concerns related to television production, virtual reality, and digital signage, the relationships between media and users, and changing media behavior in the new media marketplace.


  • Quinn Winchell
  • Quinn Winchell received his M.F.A. in directing from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He currently lectures in both the Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department and Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities, and teaches a variety of production and criticism courses that engage students in new levels of innovative pedagogy - specifically video essays that require both critical and production expertise. His specialties revolve around directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and is currently a videographer for the MADTech group.



We'd like to acknowledge additional Chico State staff members for their involvement in the METX project.

  • Susan Wiesinger
  • Susan Wiesinger is a professor in the Department of Journalism and Public Relations at Chico State. She helped organize the METX collaboration and co-taught the first emerging technology class. Her primary areas of teaching and research are digital/information literacy and media ownership. She holds a Ph.D. from Purdue University and is the author of “Digital Literacy: A Primer on Media, Identity, and the Evolution of Technology,” and co-author of “Media Smackdown: Deconstructing the News and the Future of Journalism.”


  • Clarke Steinbeck
  • Clarke Steinbeck is the chair of the Computer Animation and Game Development program. He studied at UC Santa Cruz and earned his doctorate in Computer Science. He was influential in the creation of the METX collaboration.



METX has completed multiple projects across the years. Feel free to explore our work below.

METX 358

This introductory course explores a variety of emerging technologies and analyzes how major brands use these tools to create immersive content. Students create their own immersive story by working in interdisciplinary teams, filming in 360-degree video and publishing content for viewing in a virtual reality headset.

Red Bluff Round-Up

The Red Bluff Round-Up project applies innovative storytelling techniques to showcase the historical progression of the Round-Up as it prepares to celebrate its 100-year anniversary. In spring 2020, METX students designed 2D videos and wrote social media content to promote the Round-Up’s upcoming anniversary. Students incorporated AR and mixed reality apps to bring fun and immersive story experiences to the traditional rodeo.

Sierra Nevada Brewery

In spring 2018, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. was METX's first client. METX created 2D and 360-degree video tours of the brewery’s Bottleshop to be viewed during their tours, on social media and during public events. The team also created a VR tour of the original brewery circa 1980, where Ken Grossman developed Sierra Nevada’s iconic Pale Ale.

Lundberg Family Farms

The spring 2019 METX team created a VR experience, two promotional videos and a 360-degree video for Lundberg Family Farms, a leading manufacturer of organic rice products. These immersive stories focused on Lundberg’s sustainability practices within its manufacturing process.

Honey Run Covered Bridge

In mid-March 2018, Chico State students enrolled in a CAGD special topics class in 3D scanning got hands-on experience scanning a range of local landmarks using a rented FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330 HDR LiDAR scanner. One of the local landmarks the students scanned was the Honey Run Covered Bridge, a historical landmark that was more than 100 years old. The bridge was destroyed during the 2018 Camp Fire. Now, the digital rendering of the bridge is available for the community’s efforts toward rebuilding.

Bidwell Mansion

The spring 2021 METX team created an immersive VR experience and a 2D video for Bidwell Mansion State Park in Chico, California. Frontiersman and politician John Bidwell built his mansion in 1865 in Chico; it became a historic state park in 1972. The CAGD, MADT and J&PR students worked collaboratively to research, film, photograph, lidar scan and more to create a VR experience and 2D video. These products focus on a diverse perspective of history and make the mansion more accessible to prospective visitors.

Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve

METX collaborated with the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve during the spring 2022 semester. This project focused on the creation of a documentary showcasing the range of BCCER community projects with an emphasis on forest therapy. The team created an Android augmented reality product to support BCCER's cultural tour program. This tour takes place on the Chico State campus and highlights aspects of the Mechoopda tribe's history. Finally, the METX team created a range of social media content, photography and videos to showcase this collaboration.

Chico State Communications & Alumni Association

In spring 2023, METX partnered with University Communications and the Alumni Association. The team developed a video series highlighting successful alumni and students. They also developed Rockin’ with Ru, an Android smartphone application that allows users to take photos with Chico State’s mascot, Ru, anywhere in the world via augmented reality. The team also participated in Chico State’s Giving Day to raise funds to continue the METX program, developed social media content, and a behind-the-scenes website.


 Three Departments, Two Colleges, One Team

METX is an interdisciplinary program at Chico State that includes majors from:

Computer Animation & Game Development

CAGD students are planning careers in video game development and computer animation. They develop the VR and AR projects for METX clients. CAGD is part of the College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management.

Journalism & Public Relations

J&PR students are writers, editors and brand managers for METX projects. These students are seeking careers in digital media, PR, marketing and related fields. J&PR is part of the College of Communication & Education.

Media Arts, Design & Technology

MADT students are preparing for careers in film, graphic design and broadcasting. Working behind the camera, they drive the creation of both 2D and 360-degree video content for METX clients. MADT is part of the College of Communication & Education.

Behind-the-scenes for AR content creation METX at Sierra Nevada Brewery Behind-the-scenes for Bidwell AR content 3D model of Bidwell Mansion Ava Norgrove taking photos at Bidwell Mansion Filming at Sierra Nevada Brewery Map of tanks created for Sierra Nevada Brewery project


TMETX students use a wide variety of technological innovations to create content and complete projects.

    Mixed Reality:

    METX students specialize in creating immersive stories through virtual and augmented reality. Students use a combination of 3D and 2D modeling, coding and powerful computers to transport audiences into a complete digital realm (VR) or to mix the digital realm with the real one (AR).

  • VR/AR Tools:
  • Maya and Substance for 3D models
  • Photoshop for 2D content
  • C# and Visual Studio for code
  • Unity game engine to tie everything together
  • In this advanced course, students work directly with a client to solve communication challenges through the use of emerging technologies. METX students collaborate to create immersive stories in virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree video and other creative formats.

      360 Video:

      360 video brings a unique and innovative perspective to clients’ stories. With a complete 360 landscape, viewers are able to immerse themselves into an environment that normally wouldn’t be available. The process of capturing a fluid and engaging 360 video requires students to focus on video height, avoiding stitching errors caused by too fast of camera movement and the method of viewing by the end user.

      • 360 Video Tools:
      • Insta360 ONE X
      • Insta360 ONEX app for footage viewing
      • Insta360 Studio 2019 for editing
      • Recording stick, helmet stand and a protective case
        • 2D Video:

          METX students work with state-of-the-art audio, video and editing equipment to create innovative content for clients. The students' 2D storytelling technique is broken down into a three-step process: pre-production, production and post-production. In these three stages, students are responsible for crafting shot-lists, scripts, managing visual and audio equipment and delivering a masterful story that meets each client's needs.

          • 2D Video Tools:
          • $50,000 worth of audio and camera equipment
          • Multi-track recorder
          • Black Magic Ursa Camera
          • Editing platforms: Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, ProTools and Foley
            • Web Development:

              METX students build and design websites to showcase client work. Students utilize Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, HTML and CSS to create professional website content. On various client accounts, the METX team is also responsible for crafting motion graphics, social media and pop-up content for VR and AR projects.

              • Web Development Tools:
              • $50,000 worth of audio and camera equipment
              • Adobe Creative Cloud: InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PremierPro, Spark
              • HTML, CSS, FTP
              • Canva

We acknowledge and are mindful that Chico State stands on lands that were originally occupied by the first people of this area, and we recognize the Mechoopda and their distinctive spiritual relationship with this land and the waters that run through campus. We are humbled that our campus resides upon sacred lands that once sustained the Mechoopda people for centuries.

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